James Mark Chan

james.m.chan[@]boeing.com + http://www.jmchan.com

322 Gateway Ct; Fullerton CA, 92832

(714) 782-0083 work + (213) 422-7013 cel





PM and Collaboration: Strong team player, good with multitasking many priorities, effective communicator, proactive risk management and project scheduling. MS Project.


Programming: Experienced Java Programmer with solid IT background. Specialties include GUI, Database, and Web Service development with JAX-WS, WCF, Glassfish JMS, SWT, JDBC, Eclipse RCP. Also: C, C++, C#, Fluent in with object oriented design and application development (OOA/OOD). Experienced in CM usage with with Subversion, Subclipse, tortoise. Famailir with NetBeans, Visual Studio, Eclipse, apache ANT built tool. DHTML, JSP, JavaScript, DOM, CSS, XML Schema


Database and Information Systems: ODBC, JDBC, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, background in relational modeling, normalization, multidimensional database concepts. Installation of Oracle 11g as a backend to ESRI’s Spatial GIS server. JBOSS, tomcat, MS IIS5.0, apache, Dell Open Manage ITA, nagios


Networking and Network Management: Fluent at network programming and network centric concepts, TCP/IP, OSI Layers, SNMP, DiffServ, Cisco Multicast, Configuring VLAN/trunking on Cisco switches, 802.11a/b/g Wireless, routing, firewalls, proxys and gateways.


Backup and Imaging: Veritas Backup Exec, NetBackup, Symentec Ghost, Altaris, MS Backup


OS and Virtual Machines: Win 2003/XP/Vista/7, RHEL 3/4/5, Fedora 4/11, CentOS, Ubuntu 8/9, VMware, Virtual Box.


Boeing Technologies: JTRS Surrogate Radios (JSR), BattleScape, Total Domain, SOSCOE Comms, JEBC2, WMI, EVE, SNS, MILS PC, TNMF and JSR Network Manager





Boeing Anaheim – Advanced Technology Programs

Software Systems Engineer Java GUI, Database and Web Service Developer             2009 Aug – Present

  • Provide service based architecture analysis and design for next generation development of primary product line.
  • Developed various socket based utilities to support analysis of test device command sequences.
  • Deployed and trained team on Subversion as cross platform source control solution replacement for IBM’s legacy Continuus CM tool.
  • Developed JAX-WS and WCF (.net) based services as a loosely coupled system controller on glassfish
  • Developed C++ utility to load configuration files into Sybase database.
  • Developed Swing Based UI to interface with serial and USB devices.
  • Developed native java library for VXI11.2 using Sun Remote Tea to interface with Anritsu Spectrum Master and Bit Master Test Equipment (Eye Pattern Analyzer) using SCPI commands.
  • Developed Database GUI Application to automate test and verification w/ SWT/Jfaces/MySQL.


Boeing Advanced Network and Communications Systems

Network Development Center (NDC)

Software Systems Engineer / Java Developer / Network Management                    2008 April – 2009 Aug

  • Trade study and development of Twisted Pair Solutions WAVE management server interface for TNMF framework.
  • Designed and tested configuration for TNMF security architecture using Boeing Secure Network Server Product, using Trunked VLANs over Cisco switches.
  • Tested performance of WAVE VOIP systems over JTRS Surrogate Radios with Diffserv
  • Developed Eclipse RCP based SNS Audit server module for early TNMF prototype
  • Presented network management demonstrations for NDC grand opening
  • Coordinated CJMTK (ESRI GIS tookit) and various CADRG support for JWNM program
  • Configured production subversion/trac CM tool with automated backup to Seal Beach Data Center
  • Configured production fault monitoring status reporting tool for NDC server farm using Dell ITA
  • Promoted use of wiki as living documentation for collaboration amongst teammates and as primary configuration for network management and general network design center test bed.
  • Design and implementation of CES/NM test bed infrastructure for x86 and VM platforms
  • JENM proposal software licensing and bid and proposal support
  • Aligned IT support personnel with network development center needs


Boeing Analysis Modeling Simulation and Experimentation

Demonstration Systems Project Manager                                                                        2005 July – 2008 April

  • Technical Lead for Mobile ad-hoc network simulation using BNCS demo system and results from classified experimentation that took place in the Boeing Virtual Warfare center in St. Louis.
  • Analysis and development of requirements for BNCS network traffic routing and loading visualization capability.
  • Revised Demo Deployment Framework and Architecture Process for Virtual Operations Organization.
  • Migrated EVE Linux based simulator from legacy IRIX based system, consolidated video stream systems, cinematic servers and backup rack systems into single rack enclosure.
  • Fluid understanding of network centric concepts and applications.
  • Experience with simulations architectures involving multiple entity simulators (OTB, IWARS, EVE, VTAB, JCATS, HIFEN)


Boeing Integration Center West

Software Simulation Engineer – Demo Integration Team                                             2005 July – 2006 Dec

  • Multisite Team Lead for Simulation Requirements Process for the Virtual Operations.
  • Integration focal for Combat Systems Capability Demonstration.
  • Structured the PC Stealth Project to leverage modeling components from Combat Systems capability demo and collaborated with Multigen Paradigm 3D visualization experts and MAK Technologies to enhance infantry orientation in flat earth database representation.
  • Exposure and experience to a wide variety of Audio Video technologies.
  • Responsible for operational integration of Army System Demo into BIC West and BIC East.
  • Integrated VTAB simulator with the LCS Demonstration using DMSD Gateway.
  • Project Coordinator for video stream viewing portal event for the Network Enabled Operations (NEO) Demonstration. NEO was an inter company collaboration between Raytheon, Lockheed, Boeing, and CSC to demo a jointly developed system to the FAA.
  • Designed Procured and Built IP Video Stream Capture Rack for NEO Demo which replicated BIC East configuration at BIC West.
  • Established JEBC2 test bed developer level interface access for BIC West.


Loadmaster Software for Boeing Homeland Security

Systems Engineer/Lead Software Developer                                                                    2004 Jan – 2005 June

Produced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Logistics software used to collect RFID and container data in overseas supply chains for the US government project Operation Safe Commerce. This software was eventually incorporated as the RFID extension of the Boeing Multimodal Security system. Primary Interfaces: JSP/Servlet (user interface), MySQL (Network Operating Center), basic sockets to Container Security Unit (CSU) Bridge Component.

  • Project management, resource plan and coordination for a four person development team
  • Developed high level business requirements and translated into detailed design level requirements
  • Redesigned software architecture to leverage streamlined web technologies and practices
  • System Level Requirements of CSU Bridge component specification


Boeing Digital Cinema
Network Operating Center (NOC) Admin / Systems Engineer                                        2002 Feb – 2003 Dec

Boeing Digital Cinema automated digital media delivery over broadband satellite to a remote theater system while enforcing digital rights management and providing performance metrics.

  • Configured and maintained NOC network, server, and storage equipment (cisco catalyst switches, 3com super stacks, windows 2000 demand dial, raid enclosures and storage area networks)
  • Reverse engineer and maintain server images for remote theater systems
  • Field technician for remote server equipment, phone tech support for theater operators
  • Produced and documented standard media delivery and maintenance procedures
  • Designed relational data schema for NOC Database
  • Designed and rebuilt an improved NOC to optimize support of media distributions, content packaging and archiving


Boeing Satellite Systems / Hughes Space and Communications

Transmission Systems Engineer (SPACEWAY)                                                                 2000 Jun – 2002 Jan

SPACEWAY system engineering combined phased array antennas, beacon signal and ground weather data to determine efficient link margins for distinct ground regions across continental US.

  • Developed and optimized the algorithm for allocating demodulators for a Spaceway satellite
  • Designed a sub-coordinate grid system to facilitate weather analysis on Spaceway
  • Wrote weather simulation package to determine attenuation caused by atmospheric interference




80% Training Completed for PMP Certification


University of Southern California

Additional Database Graduate Curriculum

  • Fundamental and Advanced Databases (Relational Modeling, Query processing, file storage, relational calculus)
  • Multidimensional Databases (Spatial, timeseries, Wavelets, Implemented JDBC connector for wireless lowpower sensor networks, “MOTES”)


UCLA Extension

  • Oracle Relational Modeling
  • ASP.net for Database Connectivity


University of Southern California

Bachelors of Science, Computer Engineering and Computer Science (May 2001)