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James Mark Chan
jamesmarkchan[at] – (213) 422-7013
322 Gateway Ct; Fullerton, CA 92832


Java developer with 15 years of application software development and system integration experience. Great communication skills, strong team player with good understanding of agile techniques. Specialties and interest include intuitive UI design, data modeling, automation and autonomous agents.


Java: JPA, JDBC, EJB based JAX-WS/JMS, JSF, JSP, Swing, Matisse, JFreeCharts, snmp4j, Junit, Mockito, JUNG, Jackson, RxTx serial, iText, Glassfish, Jboss, NetBeans Platform, SWT, Eclipse RCP, jVisualVM, jConsole

Other Languages: C/C++, C#, Python

Web/Markup: Meteor, Javascript, CSS, JQueryUI, Apache, Tomcat, HTML, JSON, XML

Database: MySQL, Derby, sqlite, hsqldb, mongoDB, relational modeling

CM, Build and Agile: hg, svn, git, jenkins, maven, jira, greenhopper, crucible, planning poker

Virtualization: VirtualBox, VMware esxi/Wkstn/Player, qemu
Linux Distros: Ubuntu, RHEL, Blacktrack, Kali
Disk Imaging: Clonezilla, Symantec Ghost
Misc: Qt4.0, 1553, UML, multicast, MS Project, participated in PMP study curriculum


Supplemental Graduate Database Studies, University of Southern California

  • Fundamental and Advanced Databases (Relational Modeling, Query processing, file storage, relational calculus)
  • Multidimensional Databases (Spatial, time series, Wavelets, Implemented JDBC connector for wireless low power sensor networks, “MOTES”)

UCLA Extension

  • Oracle Relational Modeling
  • net for Database Connectivity

University of Southern California
BS, Computer Engineering and Computer Science 1997-2001


Innovation Challenge Award for applying Boeing Scoring Engine Proposal for Cyber Training

Boeing Award for Leadership Performance on Scoring Engine for Singapore Cyber Competition


Sr. Java Developer
Industrial Dynamics / Filtec USA
April 2014 – present (7 months)

Member of an agile Java UI team of three developers and four testers. All code changes require backwards compatibility with previous releases and function across various product configurations. Single Platform Technology (SPT) framework has a GUI, MySQL and connectivity server which interfaces with an embedded board over Modbus TCP.

  • Coordinated adaptation of media-wiki, fisheye and crucible (code collaboration tool), confluence availability with Drawio and Gliffy plugins within Filtec R&D.
  • Responsible for Jenkin builds and deployment bundle publication
  • Developed configurable changeover feature to existing SPT wizard framework
  • Currently developing design specification between next gen board and SPT and performing assessment of mercurial repository configuration and adaptation within Filtec

Sr. Software Engineer and System Integration and Test
Advanced Technology Programs at The Boeing Company
July 2014 – April 2015 (10 months) 

  • Collaborated with vendor JCraft to successfully evaluate Wiredx library a pure java based x server solution used to incorporate C++ UIs into java based windowing system.
  • Prototype of AMPS using NetBeans Platform to employ windowing system. Automated build using maven ant run.
  • Promoted agile tools and planning poker exercises for sizing task during sprint planning sessions.
  • SW Lead for Boeing Scoring Engine used to power Cyber Conquest CTF cyber competition event with Singapore Ministry of Defense. Web app used to manage teams, challenges, matches and track scoring. Solution used Meteor a nodejs based framework. Received a leadership appreciation award for work on scoring engine.
  • Awarded Boeing Invention Pin for being recognized as an inventor for the filed Boeing TDS Patent with ISS group.

Sr. Software Engineer and System Integration and Test
Information Security Solutions at The Boeing Company
April 2012 – June 2014 (2 year 2 months)

  • Consulted with P8 AMPS team on UI framework approaches, scripted automation to simplify demo startup, helped imaged demonstration setups for testing multiple configurations
  • Evaluated BW utilization between Cisco IP Phones/AsteriskNOW and Vocality V25 solutions
  • Developed Java/C++ based Disk IO benchmarking utilities based on evaluation of FOSS disk benchmarking suites
  • Evaluation and test of network effects emulators, BER, Packet Loss, Induced latency.
  • Support development and test of Cyber Range in a Box Product release 2.1.1
  • Collaborated with senior computer security engineer to form Cyber Security Innovation Cell to provide infrastructure to develop malware research
  • Chartered research initiative to support survey of techniques to integrate with an offensive agent. Projects include proof of concept rootkit, pass the hash attack, ssh module and reversing TDL4 malware.
  • Developed SNMPv2 Monitor using SNMP4j for situational awareness engine, tested w/ Mockito
  • Developed System trades, Conops and Architecture for Demonstration Agent which uses MSF for replication replication. Packaged UltraVNC as a technique module. Coordinated and trained team on vmware for constructing virtual ranges for agent test and integration. Developed Control UI and command protocol. Collaborated with agile lead to develop sprint definitions and prioritize tasking.
  • Developed Java based Communications adapter and remote controller for Technique Deployment Prototype. Includes unit/integration test and a continuous integration setup with Maven, Jenkins and Sonar for code coverage.
  • Developed NetBeans Platform App to control QEMU based simulators
  • Developed 1553 Bus Monitor UI in Qt4, prototyped USB based 1553 interface for a proprietary sim
  • Developed JSF/JQuery UI based interface for Monitoring Agent for JBoss and Glassfish platform

Software Engineer
Advanced Technology Programs at The Boeing Company
August 2009 – April 2012 (2 years 9 months)

  • Implemented SOA based design for next generation development of primary product line
  • Developed various socket based utilities to support analysis of test device command sequences
  • Migrated core development team CM from IBM’s legacy Continuus to open source Subversion
  • Developed JAX-WS and WCF (.net) services as a loosely coupled system controller on glassfish
  • Developed C++ utility to load configuration files into a Sybase database
  • Developed java library for VXI11.2 using Sun Remote Tea to interface with Anritsu Spectrum Master and Bit Master Test Equipment (Eye Pattern Analyzer) using SCPI commands
  • Developed Database GUI Application to automate test and verification with: SWT/MySQL/JPA/Swing/JfreeCharts/RXTX Serial API/iText

Software Engineer
Advanced Network and Comm. Systems at The Boeing Company
April 2008 – August 2009 (1 year 5 months)

  • Surveyed Twisted Pair Solutions WAVE management server interface for interaction with Tactical Network Management Framework (TNMF). Tested performance of WAVE VOIP systems over JTRS Surrogate Radios with Diffserv
  • Designed and tested configuration for TNMF security architecture using Boeing Secure Network Server (SNS) Product, using Trunked VLANs over Cisco switches
  • Developed Eclipse RCP based SNS Audit server module for early TNMF prototype
  • Presented network management demonstration for Network Design Center (NDC) grand opening
  • Configured production subversion/trac CM tool with automated backup to Seal Beach Data Center
  • Configured production fault monitoring status utility for NDC server farm using Dell ITA
  • Promoted use of wiki as living documentation for collaboration amongst teammates and as primary configuration for network management and general network design center testbed
  • Design and implementation of CES/NM testbed infrastructure for x86 and VM platforms

Demonstration Coordinator, Software Engineer
Analysis Modeling Simulation and Experimentation at The Boeing Company
July 2005 – April 2008 (2 years 10 months)

  • SW simulation requirements specialist, AV architecture and event production for distributed demonstration systems, Software Changes and maintenance
  • Lead for Mobile ad-hoc network simulation using BNCS demo system and results from experimentation that took place in the Boeing Virtual Warfare center in St. Louis
  • Developed requirements for BNCS network traffic routing and loading visualization capability
  • Migrated EVE Linux based simulator from legacy IRIX based system, consolidated video stream systems, cinematic servers and backup rack systems into single rack enclosure.

Software Engineer, Lead Developer
Homeland Security Systems at The Boeing Company
January 2004 – June 2005 (1 year 6 months)

  • Produced Logistics app used to collect Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and container data in overseas supply chains for the US government project Operation Safe Commerce. This software was incorporated as the RFID extension of the Boeing Multimodal Security.
  • Project management, resource plan and coordination for a four person development team
  • Developed high level business requirements and translated into detailed design level requirements
  • Redesigned software architecture to leverage streamlined web technologies and practices

System Integration and Test, Network Administrator
Boeing Digital Cinema at The Boeing Company
February 2002 – December 2003 (1 year 11 months)

Boeing Digital Cinema automated digital media delivery over broadband satellite to a remote theater system while enforcing digital rights management and providing performance metrics.

  • Configured and maintained NOC network, server, and storage equipment (cisco catalyst switches, 3com super stacks, windows 2000 demand dial, raid enclosures and storage area networks)
  • Reverse engineer and maintain server images for remote theater systems
  • Field technician for remote server equipment, phone tech support for theater operators
  • Produced and documented standard media delivery and maintenance procedures
  • Designed relational data schema for NOC Database
  • Designed and rebuilt an improved NOC to optimize support of media distributions, content packaging and archiving

Transmission System Engineer
Boeing Satellite Systems / Hughes Space and Communications
June 2000 – January 2002 (1 year 8 months)

SPACEWAY system engineering utilized phased array antennas, beacon signal and ground weather data to determine efficient link margins for distinct ground regions across continental US.

  • Developed and optimized the algorithm for allocating demodulators for a Spaceway satellite
  • Designed a sub-coordinate grid system to facilitate weather analysis on Spaceway
  • Wrote weather simulation package to determine attenuation caused by atmospheric interference

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